Windowpaper XP

Windowpaper XP 1.01

Use your favourite photos as folder wallpaper


  • Allows you to customize multiple folders at once
  • Gives your folders a special touch


  • Requires small resolution photos

Not bad

We can customize our computer in many ways - by changing the screen, the colors of the windows, fonts, cursors etc. Now with Windowpaper XP, you can customize the bottom of your folders.

In Windows 98, this was a standard function although in Windows XP onwards, Microsoft seem to have mysteriously removed it. There, these developers have designed a tool which uses any picture of your choice as the background for a particular folder. It is very easy to use - simply select the folder you want to customize, choose the photo you want to place in it and you're done. You can undo any changes within the main program so you can experiment o your heart's content. You can use photos in the most common formats (BMP, JPG, GIF) and preview the results in real time on the program interface. Be warned however that it's best to use small resolution images and big ones can take ages to render and can actually slow your folders down. You can also modify all the folders within a folder by checking the "include subfolders" option so that you don't need to go through every single one separately.

A very nice little utility that performs a function that still should come as standard in Windows anyway. it's not essential but it makes your folders look much cooler.

Do you like to customize your desktop with wallpaper? Why stop there? With Windowpaper XP, you can put wallpaper in the back of any window�just like your desktop.

That's why we call it Windowpaper XP, because "it makes a better door than your window."

Windowpaper XP


Windowpaper XP 1.01

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